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Hello, I’m Beverly Nadler, and I’m delighted that you’re visiting my site.

If you’re looking for leading-edge information, resources, products and services for natural health and healing, anti-aging, weight and stress management and for maintaining harmony in all areas of your life -- you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve made the study of natural health and healing a major part of my life. When I see how much complex, confusing, conflicting and contradictory material there is, I wonder how people who do not, and cannot, devote their time and energy to researching this huge subject can make any sense out of it.

That’s why I’ve created this website and correlated, integrated and simplified a massive amount of material on the many aspects of health and healing -- physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Here you will find clear information and you’ll learn about breakthrough products, services and resources to enhance your life!

I’ve also done my best to make your visit here pleasant and valuable, and to make this site as user-friendly as possible. I know when I’m on a site and I click a link to another site, and then I can’t find my way back, I get frustrated!

That’s why, on this site, when you click a link that takes you to another site, it will be simple to get back. In Internet Explorer all links open in a separate window. When you close the site, you are back on this site. In Firefox, the back link or a link on the top takes you back to this site. When you go to my other site www.beverlynadler.com, there’s a link on the Home Page for Breakthrough Health.

The purpose of Breakthrough Health, and my “mission,” is to assist you in living the life YOU desire.

It’s my intention to provide valuable knowledge and introduce you to exceptional products and services that can enhance your life – whether you’re most interested in physical healing, Anti-Aging, mental and emotional well-being, having less stress and more joy, personal growth or spiritual evolvement.

One of my books is “Vibrational Harmony” – about energy and vibrations as they apply to everyday life-- and it’s my desire to assist you in being in vibrational harmony with your goals, dreams and aspirations.

The Menu is simple and clear. When you click Bookstore, Other Products or Valuable Resources you’ll see the names of different products, services, and resources. Click on those links and read about the ones that interest you, and you’ll know why I recommend them. Come back often, as new products, services and resources will be added.

Click Nutritional Supplements to read about extraordinary all natural food supplements that I and my family take -- for anti-aging, weight, energy, building immunity and maintaining health the natural way. These pages can also be accessed from the Nutrition link that brings you to many of my nutrition articles.

The Health and Natural Healing link leads you to Physical, Nutrition, Mental/Emotional and Spiritual links, where you’ll find articles in each category.

I’ll be adding more information and articles on natural health, healing, anti-aging, weight control, stress management, and mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I’ll be writing in my blog and introducing new life-enhancing products and services that are in harmony with the purpose of this site.

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