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How Does Glutathione Strengthen Our Immune System?

Our immune system has the job of "protecting" us from anything that can cause us harm. In the process, a great deal of glutathione is used up, and your immune system is weakened. The following are a few sources that weaken your immune system:

Mental and Emotional Stress: Stress is a part of life. We need to have a balance between tension and relaxation, but unrelieved stress can cause serious health problems. When we are in a stressed, anxious, tense state for any length of time (rather than releasing stress through relaxation/breathing - which people seldom do properly), the stress lowers the efficiency of our immune system. In addition, the chemicals and hormones our body produces when we are stressed, especially cortisol, become toxic to our body.

Stress from Injuries, Accidents and Surgery: These cause tremendous stress on the body, and use up a lot of glutathione. Regardless of what else you do, or take, the glutathione must be replaced for quick and complete healing.

Radiation: We are exposed to radiation from both natural and man-made sources. Radon is the leading source of natural radiation exposure and the second leading cause of lung cancer. It is found everywhere. Radon emanates from the ground we walk on and build our homes on. Thus, we are exposed to varying levels of radioactivity, as several of these elements decay into radon gas. Outer space is full of various types of radiation; fortunately, our Earth's atmosphere and the ozone layer helps absorb and filter out many of them.

The sun emits radiation, which is why we use sunscreens and creams (most of which contain cancer-causing chemicals). Let us not forget that the sun also emits beneficial rays, including all-important vitamin D. (Since taking Immunocal I can sit on my deck and enjoy the sun; I don't use sunscreen and I have never had a sunburn.)

Another major source of man-made radiation -- besides high power lines that are essential for modern living -- is the technology for cell phones, computers, the Internet, etc. Most people are unaware of the health challenges that can be caused by the following frequencies: ELF (extra low frequency), EMF (electromagnetic frequencies), EMR (electromagnetic radiation), RF (radio frequencies from wireless devices). After years of spending 10-12 hours a day on the computer and Internet, I discovered my own sensitivity when I awoke with excruciating pain in my hands one morning. Thanks to this supplement, I did not develop a serious neurological condition, but I now must curtail my computer time.

Atomic bomb fallout and unfortunate events such as the Fukashima nuclear meltdown in Japan are major sources of man-made radiation, along with medical tests and treatments. While some medical tests and treatments are necessary to save lives, there is a growing concern that medical radiation is often overused and causing harm.

Tooth and gum infections and periodontal disease: In addition to weakening your immune system, they may cause cardiovascular problems. Glutathione -- which this supplement causes your body to produce -- also supports your cardiovascular system. One of the most important ways it does this is through detoxification of heavy metals, a major cause of blocked arteries (atherosclerosis) that leads to heart attacks and heart surgery.

What Else, Besides Causing The Body To Produce More Glutathione Does this one of a kind supplement "Do?"

Frankly, that would be MORE than enough...BUT because of its double bonded cysteine delivery system it does much more. There are over 100,000 proteins in the body, and 30,000 of them require cysteine in order to function properly. The cells of our body will not accept cysteine UNLESS it is double-bonded -- which is why cysteine supplements are useless. (It's good that they are useless because cysteine that is not double-bonded is poison to your cells.)

The double bonded cysteine delivery system is almost as important as the increased glutathione production. (I say "almost," because every single cell in the body NEEDS glutathione. Without enough of it, you DIE. Period! With less than enough you age before your time, and may be very sick, but you are still alive.)

Are There People Who Can't Take This Natural Supplement?

People with a specific allergy to milk proteins, which is about 1 in 160,000 people, and people who have had organ transplants and are taking immuno-suppressive medication. Lactose intolerant people can safely take it.

Who Should Take This Remarkable Supplement?

Anyone who wants to maintain good physical and mental health, heal from a health challenge, increase life expectancy, enjoy more vitality, and increase the likelihood of preventing dreaded diseases should take Immunocal. Children can take Immunocal, and are much healthier when they do. Your pets can be given Immunocal to keep them healthy and extend their life. Many beloved dogs and cats who were at death’s door are alive today because of Immunocal.

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