Rogers Cablesystems - Healing Alternatives

This was one of my favorite TV interviews, and this is one of my favorite testimonials.

As Producer of "Exploring Healing AIternatives," dozens of health advocates from across North America and Europe have appeared in our studios. They all address the program’s theme of "bridging the gap between traditional medicine and wholistic alternatives." We offer the viewer an opportunity to journey through the expanses of body, mind and spirit, Most guests address this attitude. Some touch its essence. A few breathe it!

Beverly Nadler is one of the few who captures this feeling and actually lives it. Her presence is dynamic and her knowledge is such that she speaks not from memory but from direct experience in daily living.

Robert Hollis, Producer, Healing Alternatives, Rogers Cablesystems



Beverly Nadler - 203-373-1943
Unlimited Visions
25 Old Kings Highway N. Suite 13 - #233
Darien, Connecticut 06820