CDs for Personal and Spiritual Growth

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If you are on a path of personal and/or spiritual growth, there are some wonderful CDs that use leading-edge brain technology that can speed up your progress on your journey.

Immrama Institute offers CDs that use a technology that entrains the brain so that we can experience "higher" (aka: Spiritual or Unity) Consciousness during our everyday lives, not just while we meditate. 

A major reason it's so difficult to experience Unity Consciousness is because our brain is polarized. (We have right and left hemispheres and right and left lobes.) Spiritual seekers who meditate daily can balance their brains sufficiently to experience Unity Consciousness in their everyday life -- but it can take 20 or 30 YEARS!

This New Brain Technology Tremendously Speeds Up Your Progress

Positive changes can often take place immediately, and within months you can experience major changes. The CDs vibrate different sound frequencies into each ear, and your brain has to "work" to harmonize them. To do this, your brain makes alpha, then theta, then delta and then gamma waves -- bringing you into a meditative state while you are awake. 

Also, your brain has to create new pathways. The results are that your brain is more balanced, you feel more peaceful and you can handle more of the stresses of life without pain. We literally create new mental and emotional habits -- and it happens effortlessly.  Ultimately we experience life in a different way, more from a Unity Consciousness -- and from that state we are also able to create and attract more of what we want, without struggle.

Of course, since we live on the 3rd dimensional plane of polarity, traumas, challenges and trials still exist, but listening to these CDs regularly helps us to be less affected by them. (And surprisingly enough, it seems that less negative “stuff” actually happens in our life!)  The CDs improve our emotional state, so that we are likely to feel less anger and fear and more compassion and peace. Now that alone – the “good” feelings -- makes these CDs “priceless!”

The CDs I recommend are FOCUS (a 2 CD set) and INSIGHT

You may be familiar with other CDs that entrain your brain, such as Holysynch.  The difference is this: Similar CDs from other companies have many different levels and you need new CDs as you go on to their higher levels.  This increases your cost considerably.  With Focus and Insight you don't need to get new CDs to go to higher levels.  With this breakthrough technology, your brain makes the appropriate changes as you continue to use them. Therefore, they work much faster and cost a lot less. (How about under $50 for BOTH Focus and Insight? Yes, I was amazed too!) I highly recommend these CDs, and suggest that you order both of them.

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While on the site, click the menu links to learn more about Immrama, their exceptional products and the unique brain wave technology they use. When you know how beneficial these CDs are, they actually become more beneficial.
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