Do You Have Cell Phone Protection Yet?

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The media has been reporting the dangers of radiation from cell phones for some time. 

You may have heard Larry King’s comments on the dangers. I’m not reviewing all the dangers of brain damage and health problems that are attributed to cell phone usage, except to add that these same health problems are being attributed to all cordless phones now.  There are two other articles on this website that give you further information.  This article is about the product I recommend to protect yourself against electromagnetic radiation, and why I recommend it.

These phones are using microwaves as they seek a signal, whenever they are turned on. These microwaves agitate sugars, fats and water found in the body (and our body is between 80-90% water).  These microwaves disrupt normal communication between the cells in our brain and body and worse. It is particularly sad that grade school children are walking around with "always active" cell phones. The need for effective cell phone protection has never been greater.

Are some cell phone protection devices better than others?

Absolutely! German scientists have shown there are six primary frequencies from cell phones that are very compromising to our cellular health and vitality. The company I recommend has two phone protection devices, Essential Cell Phone Bug and the Cell Phone Booster. 

Both of them handle all six frequencies without exception, and boost battery life in the process. (NOTE: Two, sometimes three, frequencies are frequently missed in other cell phone protection devices.)

I have no doubt that these devices -- which I and my family use for our phones -- are THE BEST. (Note: While very little information is reported on the effects of radiation from cordless home phones, recent research indicates that they may be as harmful as, if not more harmful than, cell phones.)

How do I get these devices?

Go to Essential Air and Water website. Then go to the left menu. Under Our Catalogue, the first link is EMF Protection. Click the link and in the center of the page you'll see Essential Cell Phone Bug. 

The next-to-the-last item on that page is the Cell Phone Booster. They both do the same thing -- protect us from electromagnetic radiation. So...what's the difference? It's the "style", and depends on your phone and/or head set.

Click the links for both of these devices for information and pricing. On the Cell Phone Booster page you’ll see photos of both devices, attached to phones.

What does the "Bug" Do?

This ceramic-composite cell-phone protector absorbs electromagnetic waves (both electric and magnetic fields) that pose a risk for the human body. The Bug converts electromagnetic radiation into potentially useful bionic energy ("life force"energy), and maintains body temperature in normal range during phone or pager use.

The Cell Phone Booster is made of different material, but has the same effect. They both PROTECT you by absorbing and electromagnetic frequencies that are incompatible with, and damaging to, the human brain and body. This renders the frequencies harmless, and does not change the performance of your phones or pager. 

Be sure to bookmark the link Essential Air and Water website.

The company sells many fascinating, excellent products for healthier living, in addition to devices that protect you from harmful “elfs” (extra low frequencies).

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