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Concept-Therapy is the Philosophical/Spiritual teaching that has been a major part of my life for most of my adult life.

It explains how and why things happen as they do (the natural laws that govern our lives). I was a Concept-Therapy instructor for about 12 years, and this remarkable correlation of science and theology is the foundation of my own teaching -- and possibly one of the reasons I'm alive today!

Concept means “idea”, and therapy is an approach to healing.  So Concept-Therapy is about healing (or working) with ideas.

Besides using what I learned from Concept-Therapy to heal myself of cancer in 1994, I used it to lose and keep off 25 lbs, re-program myself to love exercise (which I used to "hate") -- and in 2006, to image and manifest the perfect home we now live in!

Concept Therapy has many Phases and advanced courses, called Conceptology. I've taken and benefited from all of them. I can tell you that the foundational material, as presented in the basic Concept Therapy course, is LIFE-CHANGING.

If you take a live training with one of the excellent C T teachers around the world, you will better understand the operation of the Universal and Mental Laws that govern all of life, and you'll leave on Sunday with practical tools you can use immediately. You can also take the course on-line, in the comfort of your home!

Here are some fascinating facts about how Concept-Therapy came into being.

In December 1931, Dr. Thurman Fleet, the chiropractor who developed Concept-Therapy, had an Illumination that led to his researching and correlating over 30,000 sources, in order to understand and reveal the mystery of healing -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual -- and replace it with MASTERY. 

Severely wounded in the First World War, Dr. Fleet had been given only a few months to live when his life was saved by a chiropractor. As a result, he made chiropractic his life's work. His faith in this new healing science and his own skill was so great that his practice grew until it literally stopped traffic in his town. While his results were remarkable by any standard, a few people did not heal, and Dr. Fleet could not understand why

His contemplation on “why” led to the Illumination that inspired him to do the research. Then in 1941 – after 10 years of using that he discovered with thousands of his patients -- he began to teach others a new concept of healing and a new understanding of the natural laws that govern all of life.

Here’s the website for Concept-Therapy.
This is a fascinating and information-intensive site. Enjoy it!

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