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Here’s why I say that Essentials for Life™ is the foundation for your nutritional program…
Essentials for Life™ is the only supplement that provides the basic nutrition we need in only ONE formula.  It’s really SIX formulas -- all of which our body needs because they are “essential” for health -- and is the only product of its kind in the world! 

  • whole food vitamins
  • chelated minerals
  • probiotics (friendly bacteria)
  • anti-oxidants
  • fat and sugar burner/metabolizer
  • digestive enzymes
If you bought all the formulas separately, it would cost over $100 a month, and the quality is not even comparable.

Essentials for Life ™ is made from natural ingredients – no synthetic or fractionated vitamins – and it contains NO preservatives, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals. It has a patented delivery system to insure that the nutrients actually reach the cells of your body! This is called “cellular nutrition.” Very few supplements provide this, which means people are wasting their money because the nutrients are not being assimilated and cannot nourish their body.   

The six formulas in Essentials for Life ™ were developed, manufactured and distributed by “Infinity2” and each formula was separate. Now, Infinity2 is part of “Heartland Select,” the consumables division of “Ecoquest International,” a huge global company.

I learned about “Infinity2” supplements in 1994, while I was teaching at a professional conference. I took a live-cell microscopy test that magnified my blood over 1,000 times. I was shocked at the results. Though I was taking about 40 different professional line “natural” supplements, my blood looked terrible! I was very concerned because I had just healed from cancer.

Just 10 minutes later, after taking a few Infinity 2 capsules, the fat globules were gone, free radical damage was no longer evident, and there was no undigested food in my blood. That was amazing!  I’ve been taking them ever since, and so have all the members of my family!

Many professional athletes and professional sport teams buy Essentials for Life™ because they know it works. They have been buying this product for over 12 years even though other nutrition companies would give them their nutritional products for free.

One of the reasons Essentials for Life™ for Life is so important is that it contains digestive enzymes. Digestive Enzymes are missing from almost EVERYONE'S diet, and they are crucial for health and healing. 

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If you want more information, above the photo of Essentials for Life™ on that page, is a small purple link for 2 PDF files – one is “fact sheet” and the other is “comparison chart.” If you’re not convinced of the importance of Essentials for Life™ from everything you’ve read, the PDF files will convince you.

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Infinity2 does not use any preservatives, pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals in any of their products

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