There is an exceptional one of a kind supplement that has only ONE purpose -- to increase your body’s production of glutathione. 

It is the ONLY product that is scientifically proven -- with decades of research and development behind it -- to raise your body’s level of glutathione.  It is glutathione that HEALS and it is glutathione that produced the wonderful results below.

My experience: Since healing from a critical illness (colon cancer) in 1994, I’ve been in excellent health and had no health problem or any symptoms when I started taking this supplement

However, I’m not young (at least, not according to the calendar) and I have a very hectic schedule, am under extreme stress and time pressure and I exercise daily (stress and exercise produce many free radicals).  Yet I always have tons of energy with very little sleep, have no aches and pains and don’t get sick. I know that adding this supplement to my health regime keeps me in good health, regardless of what is going on in my life.
Several family members and friends are in better health since taking this supplement. They have more energy, no longer have minor aches and pains and their allergy symptoms are gone. One man, a health professional who volunteered at Ground Zero twice a week for a year was suffering from toxic metal poisoning (caused by overexposure to the toxins in Ground Zero). This caused him to be very tired and very congested. His blood tests showed the toxicity and an iron deficiency (the metals displaced the iron). In only a week on this supplement, though he is going through detoxification and eliminating a lot of mucous, his energy and vitality have been restored.
Those experiences may not seem exciting (except to these people!), but remember, we’re talking about results in healthy people. The most exciting results are the ones you’ll probably never see if you take this supplement. 

For dramatic healing, consider the following…

An medical doctor had advanced prostate cancer and refused all treatment except this supplement. In just 8 weeks he was cancer free.

A medical doctor had MS and medicine had no hope for him.  He was in a wheel chair for 2 ½ years. Just nine weeks after he starting taking this supplement, he was walking again.

A young woman had been on kidney dialysis for two years and after only two weeks on this supplement she had her first IMPROVED blood test. 

A woman diagnosed with breast cancer in May, 2004 started on this supplement.  She had a lumpectomy and refused radiation.  She waited to have her blood work until October 2004, and in her words: “When my Doctor got the results he was amazed at how good it was.” 

A 78 year old man with Stage Four metastasized cancer was declared cancer free. His daughter wrote that thanks to this supplement, he went through four or five cycles of treatments over the last few months and never felt ill or nauseated at all.

I received an email message on Oct 1, 2004, describing the remarkable improvements of two people who were diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. I’ve copied it below…

“I was in Atlanta recently helping a new Distributor with some training.  She had shown Opal Fairchild's DVD to a friend whose Mother has Alzheimer's.  The friend put her Mom on the product 1 week ago.  Her Mother is taken care of at home and has a CNA on duty round the clock.  Her Mother has not spoken for a long time and just grunts.  Today the phone rang and her mother said "I'll get it".  Such a small thing but the whole family is in shock. 

I still remember about 6 months ago when my friend told me her husband had told her. “I love you.”  Why is that remarkable?  He hadn't spoken for a year when he started taking this supplement!” The email ends with: “Sometimes we feel people don't want to listen to us "preaching" about this supplement, don't give up.  There are many more people to meet and impact their lives.”

In July 2005, I recommended this supplement to a chiropractor.  I received the email message below from his wife.

“He was diagnosed with a large Spiculated Mass on his right lower lobe of the lung by an MRI in March 2005.  The Doctor said:"This is Not a friendly Mass".   Four other Doctors concurred on the same diagnosis.   After taking this supplement® for 6 weeks, he had a Cat Scan to see where to put the needle in for a Biopsy and the Radiologist came out and said: "We're not going to do the Biopsy today because the Mass  reduced in half (50%)."  "I don't know what you’re doing, but this usually doesn't happen."

“After another 8 weeks, being on this supplement, a Cat Scan revealed that it reduced to the size of his little fingernail, and the Doctor said: "You're out of the woods" so to speak. It is going to disappear. His other 2 Lesions on the lung completely disappeared. So we are ecstatic!”  The message ends with:Thank you, Beverly, for introducing us to this incredible product.”
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