How Important is Nutrition?

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It’s very unlikely that nutritional supplements will ever replace drugs, even though some crusading medical doctors who become “holistic” doctors seem to suggest this is possible.

There is no question that there are times when drugs are essential, when it would be impossible for the body to heal quickly enough without a drug.  In this case, the drug saves lives.

However, with proper nutrition the body has a much better chance of avoiding life-threatening diseases.  Of course, nutrition is not the only factor in health and healing – mental, emotional and spiritual factors and alternative therapies (such as chiropractic and acupuncture) cannot be ignored -- but nutrition is very important.
There are other times when drugs make sense, even for “holistically” oriented people. I wouldn’t want difficult dental work done without a Novocain. I wouldn’t want surgery without anesthesia (yes, I know some people are hypnotized).  I wouldn’t want to awaken from surgery without pain killers.  I wouldn’t want to suffer the excruciating pain of a serious accident or burns without drugs.  Would you?

Some drugs are necessary for some people and for some conditions, even for people who are very careful with their nutrition and life style (which, let’s face it, are very FEW people!). However -- and it’s a BIG “however” – cellular nutrition, meaning that vital nutrients actually reach the cells of the body (and nutrients in most supplements don’t), can sometimes reduce the amount of different drugs one needs to takes, decrease drug dosage, and so strengthen the body’s natural healing powers that some drugs can even be eliminated.

There is a great deal of nutritional information on this site, plus links to nutrition articles on my other site

Reduce Drug Side Effects and Negative Drug Interactions

Reducing the number of drugs and the dosage is extremely beneficial because ALL drugs have negative “side effects.” Just read the back page of any drug advertisement in a magazine.  (That is, “try” to read the point 4 size font. Some alternative health practitioners say these are not “side effects” – they are simply THE EFFECTS.)

The more drugs you take the more negative effects you have -- and the more some vital processes in your body and mind can be disturbed.  In addition to the side effects of each drug, you have the negative INTERACTIONS of the drug combinations.  Not only that, there are dangerous interactions of certain drugs with certain foods.

Click here for a guide to drug and food interactions. 

It is not my primary intention to inform you of the dangers of drugs, although I will probably do that from time to time as new information reaches me – either putting up new articles, or writing in my blog.  However, there’s plenty of information about the dangers of drugs on the internet and in books.

If you and/or members of your family (especially senior citizens) are taking several drugs – prescription and/or over the counter -- on a regular basis, I am suggesting you explore nutritional options that might be able to lead to the reduction of your drug intake.

My intention with the nutritional section is to give you knowledge about nutrition, tell you about exceptional natural supplements (and what makes them exceptional), and hopefully inspire you to try the products I recommend.  All are sold on a money back guarantee.

Nutritional Options

Most people are familiar with multi-vitamin and mineral formulas.  In fact, though millions of people take these kinds of supplements, our health continues to decline. If nutrition is a key to good health, you might ask, why don’t the supplements “work?”

You’ll find out why as you read my nutrition articles, but here’s one answer -- most supplements are missing vital ingredients, such as digestive enzymes, essential sugars and proteins needed to increase your body’s production of glutathione.  The nutrition articles explain the need for these ingredients, and tell you which products that supply them.  Click here to read about glutathione, and why it is so essential.

Something else that’s missing from most supplements is a delivery system that insures the nutrients actually reach the cells of your body. Read "Is your body getting cellular nutrition".

I call these nutritional options, but to me they are not options -- they are essential. 

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