What Is Natural and Holistic Healing?

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If you’ve been confused about the many different terms used in relation to healing, this article should clear up your confusion. 

If you haven’t been confused, read it anyhow, because the information could be valuable to you.  After all, you are obviously interested in health – and taking care of YOUR health -- or you wouldn’t even be on this site, would you?
Natural Healing is about healing through natural methods – without drugs, chemical and invasive therapies.  It would be anything you might use for healing “naturally.”

Holistic Healing was originally spelled Wholistic Healing, and sometimes still is. Holistic healing may sometimes include physical care that is not “natural” – that is, it may include the use of drugs – but it deals with the whole person. 

People who use Holistic Healing – both health professionals and individuals who feel responsible for their own health – think of people as being physical, mental and spiritual (which, of course, we are.)  They use methods, therapies, modalities, nutritional supplements, etc., to improve or maintain their health -- physically (which includes nutritionally), mentally (which includes emotionally) and spiritually.

Spiritual Health, until recently, was considered the province of religion because of the separation of science and religion that occurred centuries ago.  Science, which includes medicine, was left to scientists and medical doctors, and spiritual matters were left to clergy.

Only recently has medicine begun to recognize the enormous healing impact of faith, prayer, meditation, gratitude, appreciation and hope upon the physical body.

But, then, it is only recently that modern medicine has recognized that human beings ARE physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings – and one can truly not be separated from the others. Much healing takes place by dealing directly with the mental and emotional state of the individual – by addressing their beliefs, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and perceptions about themselves and their life.

Complimentary Health Care is a fairly new term, and is often used when natural methods and traditional medical care are combined.

Alternative Health Care is another fairly new term that is frequently used for either Natural or Holistic Health Care.  It means that you are using an “alternative” form of health care, instead of drugs, surgery and other traditional medical treatments and procedures.  Chiropractic and Acupuncture are two of the most familiar forms of Alternative Health Care.  Medical doctors who use nutrition instead of drugs are sometimes thought of as “alternative health care” providers.

With that said, if you’ve been confused by any of these terms, hopefully, you won’t be anymore.

Breakthrough Health is about Natural AND Holistic Health and Healing.  Its purpose is to provide valuable information and introduce you to exceptional products and services that are natural, and that impact upon the “whole” person.

In preparing this article I did a little research on google… 

Results of My Research on Natural and Holistic Health and Healing.

Before I tell you the results, let me give you the dictionary definitions of health: Physical and mental well-being; freedom from disease, pain or defect; normality of physical and mental functions.

Sounds like something we all want, doesn’t it?

I decided to “google” some specific words.  I began with health and found 1,330,000,000 references on the internet. (That could make someone “nuts” trying to find the information, they want, couldn’t it?)

Natural health brought up 47,700,000 references, and natural healing brought up 2,700,000. Holistic health brought up 2,870,000, and holistic healing brought up 3,600,000.

Then I decided to find out how many people had “googled” these words in Dec. 2008, because this tells me how many people were looking for information on the subjects I address.
For natural health there were 201,000; for natural healing - 60,500; for holistic health - 60,500; and for holistic healing 22,200. (Yes, two figures came out exactly the same; I rechecked several times.).  Of course, these figures doesn’t count all the additional thousands who googled these words as part of a phrase.

Well, that assured me that lots of people are interested in natural and holistic health. It also told me that the massive amount of information on the internet is “mind-boggling.” That’s exactly why I created this site. 

It’s not my intention to provide information that everyone else is providing. That’s why this site is called Breakthrough Health.  I will be preventing new ideas and valuable products and services, old ideas and concepts with a new twist, and integrating and correlating the old and the new to create “breakthroughs” in health and healing.

This site is dedicated to assisting you in creating health and well-being on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I encourage you to look through the menus to see the articles that most interest you, and I also encourage you to visit my original site www.beverlynadler.com. The material on that site is also related to health and healing, and is focused primarily on mental, emotional and spiritual topics.

My wish for YOU is to live a healthy, joyous life – and my wish for ME is to have the pleasure of being able to assist you in accomplishing this!

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