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On this site, in keeping with its name of Breakthrough Health, it is my pleasure to introduce you to nutritional supplements that are completely unique; I call these products “breakthrough nutrition.”

What makes them unique is that you cannot buy these supplements in a health food store, by mail order, or through companies that sell only to health professionals or other Network Marketing companies.

They are exclusive products, and while other products may sound like they are the same, I assure you, they’re not.  After my healing from cancer in 1994, through natural methods, it has been a passion for me to tell people about one-of-a-kind natural nutritional products that really “work” -- and WHY they work.

By “work” I mean that these supplements give your body ingredients it needs to do what only your body can do – heal itself!  These products also help your body maintain health and prevent disease.

Take this Nutritional Quiz to see if you know the truth about nutritional supplements

  • Did you know that taking certain nutritional supplements can be dangerous to your health?

  • Did you know that the absorption of most supplements is only 3-7%?  (The rest is waste material that can become toxic to your body.)

  • Did you know that infectious disease is the #3 Cause of Death on the latest Surgeon Generals’ Report? (it wasn’t even in the top 20 less than 10 years ago!)Did you know that antacids and acid blockers, like Tagament, Pepsid, Maalox, etc., are one of the main reasons that infectious disease is on the rise?

  • Did you know that one of the most important supplements of all, digestive enzymes, is almost never recommended by doctors and nutritionists? Yet, you can avoid digestive distress and stop taking antacids and other drugs, if you take effective digestive enzymes.

  • Did you know that very few companies have formulated all natural supplements specifically to STOP the damaging effects of stress upon the body?

  • Did you know that one of the things your body MUST have to maintain health is “cellular nutrition”? (for most people, nutrients rarely reach the cells of their body.)

  • Did you know that there are few nutritional companies that can guarantee that their supplements are assimilated at the cellular level?

  • Did you know that there is a company that has a process (protected by over 50 patents world-wide) to insure that nutrients are delivered directly to the cells?

  • Did you know that it is possible to stop the inflammation and pain of back pain and athletic and other injuries with a totally natural supplement and no drugs?

  • Did you know that some antioxidant formulas actually create more free radicals in your body because they are missing a vital ingredient?

If you answered NO to more than one question, it’s time to discover the TRUTH about nutritional supplements.

Now is the time to read my nutrition articles on this site and my other site.

Disclaimer:  The products I recommend are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Everything on this site is for information purposes only.
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