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Peak Potentials Training, created by T. Harv Eker, may be the largest and most successful Personal and Professional training company in the world.

Harv (as most people call him), went from zero to multi-millionaire in 2 ½ years, using the principles he since incorporated in his teachings. After he became wealthy in business, he did some "soul searching" and decided something was missing in his life. He gave up everything, sold his companies and started over -- doing what he considers to be his "mission"...empowering people to become financially free.  That was Harv’s initial mission, because he knew that when people can stop worrying about their finances, they become mentally and emotionally able to give attention to their personal and spiritual growth.

This is why the first Peak Potentials program one usually attends is the “Millionaire Mind Intensive” (MMI). This exciting, information-packed 3 day seminar is only $97!  Yes, $97 -- an unheard of price -- and it includes a FREE copy of Harv’s N.Y. Times #1 bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.  

How I found out about Harv and his Millionaire Mind Intensive

I had the good fortune to be invited to a free teleseminar by Harv in Sept. 2002.  He was an exceptional speaker and he was talking about the “mind” and how our subconscious “money blue print” determines our financial state. As a teacher of Universal and Mental Laws, I was so impressed with his seminar that I immediately registered for the next MMI in Vancouver, Canada. Now MMI and other Peak Potentials Trainings are presented in many locations in the United States, but they began in Canada.

I have taken most of the Peak Potentials trainings and I can highly recommend all of them. I especially loved Warrior and Wizard Camps. The programs are always being updated, and now MMI includes a segment focused specifically on how to be successful in today’s economy. 

At one time, Harv presented all the programs himself (a massive job!), but that’s been impossible for several years. However, he has personally trained and audited everyone who steps on a Peak Potentials platform to share his brilliant material.

Even if money is not an issue for you, I highly recommend the Millionaire Mind Training. It’s not just about money!

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You will be able to find out about all the Peak Potentials Trainings by clicking the “Courses and Camps” link at the very bottom of the MMI page, and on the top menu of each Course and Camp page.

Peak Potentials programs are not only loaded with practical, motivating and inspiring information that you can use to enhance your life -- they are very interactive, and FUN!
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