Your Subconscious Mind and Programming

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Our programs are made up of our beliefs, concepts, attitudes and perceptions. 

As we change our beliefs, concepts, attitudes and perceptions we also change our programs.  Trying to only change our behavior without changing our programs, does not work, and never has.  Change is an inside job.  Fortunately, once we become aware of the fact that we do not want certain behaviors and emotional responses to run our life, we can make a decision to do what it takes to change our programming.  There is a lot of information available and some excellent tools.

How We Become Programmed

The following is excerpted from the chapter, “How the Human Mind Works” in my book, “Vibrational Harmony.”

“Your primary sources of programming are genetic and environmental. Genetic includes everything you inherited as a human, such as the way your body functions and the natural physical changes that occur as you go through each stage of life.  Environmental programming is everything you learned – from your parents, siblings, family, friends, teachers, peers, ministers, television, movies, advertisements, the media, newspapers – whether correct or incorrect. It includes abilities, such as: reading, writing, grooming yourself, communicating, driving, suing a computer, performing you job and everything else you learned how to do.”

“There is also another, largely ignored, very important source of programming – mass mind consciousness.  This is also called “race mind” and “collective consciousness.” Dr. Carl Jung called it the “collective unconscious.”  When masses of people believe something the vibrations of those beliefs become part of people’s programs and they impact upon our reality.”

Mass Mind Consciousness is explained from different perspectives in my books, “Vibrational Harmony” and “Loving the Game of Life.”  Vibrational Harmony also has clear instructions for reprogramming your subconscious mind using “energy psychology” techniques. (“Loving the Game of Life” takes you in a different, fascinating spiritual journey.)

The BEST “tools” I knew of for reprogramming your subconscious are SCWL subliminal CDs and tapes, developed and manufactured by Midwest Research of Michigan. I have used them for over 20 years, and highly recommend them.  I consider their program #64 “Psychoneuroimmunology” to be one of the reasons I am alive today.  I played it day and night when I had cancer, and now, 15 years later, I still play it every night while I sleep.

What I Mean by “Subliminal”

In case you are not familiar with what “subliminal” means, it has to do with messages reaching your subconscious mind, usually without your awareness.  Most people don’t realize that we are being subliminally programmed all the time by the media – by powerful messages coming to us through magazine and newspaper advertisements, direct mail, television and now movie commercials.  They repeat and reinforce the messages (beliefs) they want us to have, so we will buy their products or services and take certain action and behave in specific ways. 

The media spends billions of dollars on programming us.  With SCWL programs (CDs and tapes), you have the opportunity to use subliminal technology to program ourselves for what you want, instead of what the advertisers and vested interests want. Incidentally, in case you are wondering, SCWL stands for Subconscious to Conscious Way of Learning.  It has always been the subconscious (not the conscious mind) that directs our thoughts, emotions and behavior, according to what it “knows.” And it knows what it knows because it learned through repetition and reinforcement. 

About Repetition and Reinforcement

Repetition and reinforcement is the way you learned the multiplication tables in grade school.  You repeated them and reinforced them over and over, and now you don’t have to think about how much 3 x3 is. It is the way you learned to drive.  At one time you had to focus totally on driving.  Now you get in the car, know where you want to go and miraculously you end up there, while your mind is on many other things – perhaps a CD (non subliminal) you’re listening to, a conversation with a passenger, thoughts about projects you are working on, etc.  You reach your destination because your subconscious program “directed” you there. Beliefs, attitudes, habits, addictions, behaviors, etc. are formed through repetition and reinforcement This is the process that runs (or ruins) your life, because it creates your programs (usually without your awareness)! 

SCWL subliminal programs repeat and reinforce thousands upon thousands of positive messages on the subjects you choose.  The messages go directly to your subconscious mind, while your conscious mind is engaged in its normal activities. The CDs or tapes can play while you work on the computer, you, watch TV, have a conversation, exercise, get dressed, do housework, do homework, etc. (not recommended while driving). They do not interfere with your everyday life; rather, they enhance it.  SCWL CDs and tapes are the easiest tools to use for reprogramming, and one of the most effective!
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This page brings you to the SCWL section on my original site where the SCWL information is stored.  It includes information about the company, why the programs are effective and descriptions of some programs.  It has testimonials and a list of over 130 programs, all of which are now in CD format.  Though audio tapes are no longer being produced, many programs are still available as tapes.

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