Protection From Cell Phones and EMF Radiation

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Electromagnetic waves radiated by cellular phones are a stress element on the human body.

In order to verify this, a simple kinesiological test (muscle testing procedure used by chiropractors and other holistic doctors) can be carried out to determine the muscles' loss of strength during normal use of the phone or simply by holding it in the hand. By attaching a "bug" correctly to the phone, it has been found that muscle weakening is reduced. It has been proven that the cell phone bug can reduce the strength of the specific waves radiated by cellular phones, therefore reducing their effects on the body.

We are all unknowingly exposed to electronic "pollution" every day. This pollution is created by the massive increase in the environment of the levels of potentially harmful electromagnetic waves (microwaves, etc.) This pollution emanates from the most commonly used electronic and electrical devices, such as electric sockets, antennas of cellular phones, televisions, computers, etc. up to the most powerful transmission stations, electricity pylons and overhead power lines.

Cell Phones Are the Worst Offender 

The need for cell phone protection has never been greater. These phones are seeking a signal whenever they are turned on, using microwaves. These agitate water, sugars and fats found in the body. These disrupt normal cellular communication in the body, or worse. It is particularly sad that grade school children are walking around with "always active" cell phones.

German science has shown there are six primary frequencies from cell phones that are very compromising to our cellular health and vitality. Our cell phone protection devices, Essential Cell Phone Bug and the Cell Phone Booster, both of which are on our site, handle all six frequencies without exception and boosts battery life in the process. (Two, sometimes three, frequencies are frequently missed in other cell phone protection devices.) Affordable, practical protection for every family member's cell phone or cordless home phone. NOTE: while very little information is reported on the effects of radiation from cordless home phones, recent research indicates that they may be as harmful as, if not more harmful than, cell phones.

Click here to read about both devices. Go to the left menu, under Our Catalogue -- the first link is EMF Protection.  Click the link and in the center of the page you'll see Essential Cell Phone Bug.  The last item on the page is Cell Phone Booster. They both do the same thing -- protect us from electromagnetic radiation. So...what's the difference? It's the "style", and depends on your phone and/or head set. Photos of both devices, with phones, are on the Cell Phone Booster page.

I have known Fred Van Liew, the owner of the company for almost 20 years.  He is an exceptionally caring, ethical person with exceptional products that do what they are supposed to do -- protect us from electromagnetic and microwave frequencies that are damaging to the human brain and body.

How the "Bug" Protects You 

This ceramic-composite cell phone protector absorbs electromagnetic waves (both electric and magnetic fields) that pose a risk for the human body. The Bug converts electromagnetic radiation into potentially useful bionic energy ("life force"energy), and maintains body temperature in normal range during phone or pager use. The Essential "Cellphone Bug" Ceramic Composite Electromagnetic Field Absorber PROTECTS you by absorbing and rendering harmless, electromagic frequencies that are incompatible with, and therefore damaging to, the human brain and body!  It does not change the performance of your cellphone or pager.  NOTE: the Cell Phone Booster is made of different material, but has the same positive effect.

Please place your orders for cell phone and electromagnetic protection devices at Essential Air and Water website.

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