Creating Successful Relationships

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This page introduces you to Paul and Layne Cutright, two very special relationship coaches whose own relationship, both personally and professionally, is an inspiration.

One of their books, “You're Never Upset for the Reason You Think,” is a #1 Amazon Best Seller. Actually, they are more than relationship coaches. They are truly relationship specialists!  If any of your relationships are challenging you, I highly recommend Paul and Layne’s unique materials, coaching and training.

Before I give you the link to visit their site, let me tell you why I so highly recommend their approach to relationships. Paul and Layne have created a unique systems approach to relationship education that includes modules on heart-centered communication, enlightened conflict resolution, emotional healing and well being, as well as interpreting and rewriting the hidden codes in all your relationships, personal and professional. Their work is totally aligned with the principles I teach.

As you continue to read and consider your personal and business relationships, I believe you will see the value of Paul and Layne’s coaching, training, and materials.

How Important Are Relationships?

Relationships are one of the most important areas of your life because they affect every area of your life. Your family life, your social life, your business or career all involve other people – and your interactions with other people are what relationships are all about.

Not only that, your relationships affect your mental and emotional state of mind, and since mind and body cannot be separated, they also affect your physical health for better or worse. When things are going well, especially in important relationships (mate, business associates, etc.), you feel good, and it’s a known fact that feeling good is one of the things that can keep you healthy. When you experience conflict, when communication is poor, when your relationships are not going well, you experience a great deal of stress, and stress has a negative effect on your health.

The people in your life play vital roles. The people you most often interact with support you sometimes, and at other times they challenge you. (Some people seem to challenge you most, or even all, the time!) Often, when you see things in other people that you don’t appreciate, they are mirroring parts of yourself you are not aware of or don’t want to acknowledge.
You may like to believe that relationships should just naturally “fall into place” with no special effort being required.  But that belief is unrealistic. We each bring our own concepts, attitudes, perceptions, judgments and communication styles -- all based upon our backgrounds, genetics and conditioning -- to our relationships. It’s no surprise that there are so many challenges and disappointments in relationships.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s where Paul and Layne come in…

In addition to coaching and training programs, they’ve created books, e-books, audios, videos and multi-media products that give you far more than good information. They present strategies, skills and solid techniques and tools that not only transform your relationships, but personally empower you.

This testimonial says it best. "This has been the single most important step toward greater self-esteem, happiness and creating what I want for my life.If I were down to my last dime, I would invest it in my work with Layne and Paul because it so profoundly and positively impacts every area of my life. There is nothing like these outstanding programs anywhere."

What more do I need to say? To learn more about Paul and Layne’s products and services and see how their outstanding products and services can enhance your relationships, go to their site -Successful Relationships
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