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SOTA - Unique Natural Health Products for Your Health and Well Being

This is the website for exceptional, hand-held devices that offer extraordinary health a lot of health information (including the "politics" of health), most of which the public is not aware of. I was introduced to SOTA several years ago, and have found them very beneficial for many different things. Unfortunately, SOTA is limited, by law and health "politics" in Canada, in what they can tell you. Below are brief descriptions of products that I use and highly recommend, plus a brief description of the Free SOTA Community, and how to receive a 10% discount. Be sure to read this entire page so you have this information before you explore their website.

Then go to SOTA site. On this very easy-to-navigate site, click "Our Products" on the top menu to see photos and find out more about their products. Also read "Our Customers Say," so you can better appreciate the value of these unique health products.

Silver Pulser - This device uses Micro-currents to cleanse your blood and cleanses your organs. It can easily be worn on your wrist or your ankle as you go about your daily routine.

Magnetic Pulser - This marvelous device reduces inflammation internally and externally, speeds-up healing from falls, accidents, injuries...and it does much more.

Water Ozonator - Your body is 70-80% water. The ozonator oxygenates your water, and oxygen creates an inhospitable environment for disease.

The Bio-Tuner - This device helps reduce stress and is very beneficial for conditions of anxiety, insomnia and depression. When you are more relaxed emotionally, your body doesn't produce the chemicals that create an unhealthy acidic environment. Some people also claim it helps free them of addictions.

LightWorks - This device offers the benefits of LED light combined with healthy frequencies. These frequencies gently stimulate the body electric for more energy, health and well-being.

ABOUT THE SOTA COMMUNITY - This is a FREE membership community that I highly recommend. Simple instructions to join are on the website (This is one of the easiest websites I've ever navigated.) As part of the Community you have access to their excellent Learning Center with educational health articles, information and short videos.

TO ORDER AND RECEIVE A DISCOUNT - You do not have to join the Community to purchase Sota products. Use my ID# CA40279 to receive a 10% discount on your first order. Order by phone or fax, or online by entering the Sota Community. If you order online, there will be a place for the Discount Number. If you call or fax, be sure to include the number. Once again, here's the link to Sota Instruments.


Valuable Resources Main Page   Health Information   Health Products
Personal Growth   Spiritual Growth and Consciousness

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