Testimonials from Radio and TV Hosts

The following are taken from some of the many letters Beverly received after being interviewed on radio and television.

-The audience response to your appearances has been excellent -- many phone calls and letters from people who ask for more. You're full of enthusiasm. with a sparkling personality. and obviously knowledgeable about so many subjects that my viewers are interested in -- staying young and healthy, reducing stress, good nutrition and positive thinking. Thank you for being a delightful guest." Joe Franklin, WOR-TV, New York, NY

-The issue that you addressed is one whose time has come. We found your conversation both informative and entertaining, not to mention thought provoking -- and that is what this business is all about.­ WNEWS, Miami, FL

-The show was a terrific success. The calls were good, and it was an informative hour as well. Again. thank you for your help in our show. KGNR, Sacramento, CA

-I want to take a moment to thank you for being one of the most interesting guests I've enioyed interviewing. Your knowledge of the nutritional and total mental/physical health needs of my listeners was received with a great deal of response, both on the air and after you left. WFAA, Dallas, TX

-It is because of people like you who care enough to volunteer information as well as time that helps our station accomplish its set goals. Again, thanks for the great interview! WSAG, Atmore, AL

-You were well-prepared and very interesting. In summation, it was a GREAT interview. Thanks again. KGON, Portland, OR

-I've been fortunate enough to have interviewed such well known uhealth experts as Earl Mindell. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn. Dr. Robert Atkins. Dr. Lendon Smith. Your expertise is right up there with them. The interview went very well. You are very articulate and well informed, and I would recommend you to other radio talk shows around the country. WKRS, Waukegan, IL

-A short note to thank you for your appearance on my show the other day. I personally enjoyed and learned from it, and the audience reaction was great! Meadowlands Cable TV 3 News, Lyndhurst, NJ

-As usual you were a super excellent guest interviewee and panelist ­participant. You are always welcome on our radio and TV programming. Richard Roffman Associates, TV and radio productions, New York, NY

-Our conversation was most enjoyable and based on our listener reaction, I know you touched a nerve. Let's do it again. CHUM, Toronto, Canada

-It was such a pleasant change of pace to discuss an upbeat positive subject. People are always interested in learning from others who have your ability to "take charge"  of their lives in such a positive uplifting way. WNDR, Syracuse, NY   

-The telephone response was excellent and you are a delightful conversationalist with excellent information on the entire field of nutrition and holistic health. We're looking forward to your return anytime you're in the images area! WLNR, Lansing, IL

-We enjoyed having you on the show, and I'm sure our listeners were motivated. We will definitely give your business phone number to the listeners who missed it when it was given on the air, and I'm sure I'll be getting such calls for quite a few days. KKPSI, Palm Springs, CA

-You are very knowledgeable, and it was exciting to see the phones “light UP” and get such a superb audience response. Looking forward to your next appearance! WMCA, New York, NY

-Listener reaction was both positive and enthusiastic. Several callers have asked when you'll be back. I look forward to having you on the show again. WMRO, Aurora, IL

-I would like to thank you very much for being a guest on my show. The interview went quite smooth and was a big success. KXlY, Spokane, WA

-Your style is informative. entertaining and quite refreshing, while still being able to deal with the hardware of nutrition, personal growth and holistic health. Many people have remarked on it so far, and all have been positive. CJJD, Ontario, Canada

-The audience response was great. We look forward to working with you again in the future. KTOK, Oklahoma City, OK

-Thanks again for the great interview you gave our listeners. You have some good suggestions for improving one's life and we stirred up some interest in your book, “Taking Charge.” (At least I've gotten a lot of calls asking for your address) WNAB, Bridgeport, CT

-Not only has the radio script been sent to about 800 radio affiliates in the U.S. and abroad, but we're using sections of our taped interview for the Copley Radio Network audio service. Thanks again for your attention and the great interview. Copley News Service, San Diego, CA

-Thank you for being an excellent guest on “Common Ground.”  Your interview was especially informative and we got a great response from your appearance.  If you’re in images again, let me know.  We’d be more than happy to have you appear on our show again. WBBM-TV, images, IL

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To arrange for an interview or guest appearance , live or on line, please call me at 203-373-1943 or send an email message. (write "radio/TV" in subject line)

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