Testimonials for Ionized Alkaline Water

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Testimonials for Ionized Alkaline Water

You will be amazed as you read these testimonials and discover the difference ionized alkaline water can make in your health and the way you feel!

(To read my article about the Alkaline Water Ionizers I use and recommend, click here)

In 1979 I was hit by a car while crossing the street. I lost most of the feelings in my left leg, and eventually had to get back surgery. I healed quite well from the surgery and all went well for the next 19 years. In 1997 my low back started hurting really bad - like killing me. I was just finishing chiropractic school so I went to see my chiropractic intern. No help there, so I went to my MD to get some muscle relaxants. They didn't help either. Finally I went to several massage therapists, and to anyone else who was supposed to be good with low back pain - but nothing seemed to help.

At the time I had been buying all of my drinking water from one of the local water stores. The water was impressive. It was being run through more than a dozen different types of filters in an effort to make it as pure as it could possibly be. To say the least, the water tasted delicious! I had been drinking this water for about a year and a half --- about the same length of time I had been having the low back pain. I just hadn't made a connection between the two events yet.

Then one day, just on a hunch, I put a pH meter in this water and got the shock of my life. This delicious, pristine water only had a pH of 5.8. I'm a biochemist and pH talk is very common for me. If pH talk is not common for you though, pH is a way that we measure the amount of acid that is in a liquid. The "p" in the pH stands for "concentration", while the "H" stands for "hydrogen ion". So pH literally means "the concentration of hydrogen ion".

The reason I was shocked is because the pH of our blood is 7.4. This meant the water I was drinking was 60 times more acidic than my blood! That meant my kidneys were becoming inflamed because they were working non-stop to get rid of the excess acid in my blood. It also meant that my inflamed kidneys were causing my back muscles to become so tight that they were pulling on my low back and causing it to be in an intense state of pain! You're hearing it right - it was the acidic water that was causing my low back pain.

I immediately found some alkaline minerals to put in the water to raise the pH of the water up to 9.5. Within 4 days all of my back pain went away. Note - this was pain that I had had non-stop for a year and a half. I continued to use the alkaline minerals for nearly six months, and during that time I never had one more episode of low back pain.

Alkaline minerals can work very nicely - they just don't taste very good. Eventually I heard of the ionizers offered by Water Shed and in 1999 I bought a water ionizer from them. I've had my same ionizer now for nearly nine years. I drink about 100 ounces of the water every day, and since buying it, I have not had so much as one bout of low back pain.

Even better news is that by making my patients aware of ionized water, I have been able to help an untold number of them get the same kind of pain relief. It is also incredible for helping you overcome fatigue.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Wayne Baird, DC

Lack of Energy! Frequent Colds! Despite good diet and exercise, it seemed my energy was always lacking and that I was always at risk for catching a cold. My problem, I was to find out, was that I was way too acidic. First to go was my reverse osmosis water system only to be replaced by a water ionizer. Within weeks, my energy was wonderfully improved and I haven't had a cold since. That was nearly two years ago.

C. Catanese, Ph.D., DHt.

I have been using an Ionizer for years and recently had to send it in for a repair. What a difference I noticed the time it was not here. I always knew it was good but now I felt the difference. As soon as I got it back and started using it again I felt the difference right away. I have more energy, my immunity is stronger and I am a much happier person.

Paul Nison - Author and Lecturer

My awareness of needing to drink more water has drastically risen this last year simply because we have the ionizer. Also, the water tastes better and therefore I drink close to my daily need. I feel much more hydrated. My eyes aren't puffy anymore and my skin is tighter. In the mornings when I wake up, I don't have an upset stomach and feel more rested! Viva la Ionizer. Thanks.

Ignatius Tredoux

My husband's ulcer is gone thanks to ionized water. His health is now Great. :-)

Cecilia Mendoza

(To read my article about the Alkaline Water Ionizers I use and recommend, click here)


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