… When you need an edge… ENERGY PLUS!!!!

Potassium (Citrate)                              25.8mg  
Potassium (Glycerophosphate)         0.16 mg
Magnesium (Glycerophosphate)       0.84 mg
Iron    (Glycerophosphate)                   0.09 mg
Iodine (Potassium Iodide)                   0.0015 mg

(a proprietary blend on concentrated Herbal extracts (525 mg per 30ml)

‘TOTALLY SAFE!’ HERBAL DRINK!  "Antibacterial & antioxidant qualities"

Amazing Herbal Tonic contains:
Alfalfa herb Helps prevent Heart disease & Stroke. Lowers Cholesterol
Angelica Root Settles intestinal issues, expectorant
Celery seed Anti-inflammatory, Anti-spasmodic
Chamomile flower Assist with migraines, Anti-spasmodic, mild relaxant 
Damiana leaf Assist with Depression, Impotence & infertility in men
Dandelion root Assists poor digestion, Hepatic purifier
Echinacea root Support Immune System
Gentian root Protects the liver, increases digestive function, antiseptic
Gingko Biloba Increases circulation in the Brain, regenerates damaged nerves
Ginseng root Increases physical performance lowers blood sugars, immune function
Grape seed Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, protects the lungs
Guarana seed Stimulates the nervous system increases metabolic rate, athletic performance
Horehound herb Promotes healing, relaxes bronchial spasms
Licorice root Enhances endocrine system & liver function, anti-inflammatory
Milk Thistle Removes toxins, enhances liver function
Passion Flower Lowers blood pressure, anti-spasmodic
Polygala root Enhances respiratory, digestive and urinary function
Sarsaparilla root Blood Purifier assists nervous system
Saw Palmetto fruit Antiseptic, increases prostate and endocrine function
Spirulina algae Contains all amino acids, assists weight loss
Thyme leaf Assist digestion, expectorant, lung performance


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