You and Your Amazing Mind

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In an effort to understand human behavior, the human mind is, and always has, been the subject of continual research and often changing conclusions.

While there are now many new theories about the mind, it’s relationship to our brain, and how we receive and process information (some of which I describe in my latest book, “Loving the Game of Life”) the most commonly accepted description of the mind, and the one that many valuable healing techniques are based upon, is that the mind has two parts -- conscious and subconscious.

How Your Conscious and Subconscious “Minds” Operate

The conscious mind is the part of you that thinks, chooses and makes decisions.  The subconscious is the part that is frequently compared to a computer, in that it has “programs” that direct and instruct it.  This comparison is based, in part, on the fact that once we develop a habit, whether it is positive or negative (negative being something we prefer not to do – such as smoke, overeat, gamble, lose our temper, etc.) the ability to stop the behavior seems to be out of our control.

Even if we change something, we often go back to what in computer language would be a “default” program. That is, we return to the same behavior or pattern of thinking that we attempted to change, until we literally “reprogram” ourselves. You know how your PC often goes back to its “default” even when you thought you had either deleted or installed a program?  Well, your subconscious does that also.  It “thinks” you want your old programs to remain intact, even when you don’t. And it is more stubborn and resistant to change than your electronic computer is.

About Your Programming

Here’s one important reason for this:  Your subconscious mind is programmed with the functioning of your amazing body and all of its complex parts and billions of cells.  Since it is crucial that your subconscious continuously keeps your body operating – your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your stomach digesting food, etc. – it “believes” that whatever program is operating, whatever instructions it is following is what you want.

While there are evolving theories on this subject, by thinking of our mind as being “programmed” with certain ideas and behaviors, we are also able to think of ourselves as being capable to reprogram our subconscious mind.  Most people are “stuck” with habits of thoughts, emotional responses and behaviors for most of their lives, even though they sincerely want make changes.  There are several reasons for this – the biggest one is that the subconscious strenuously resists change.  If you’ve worked on losing weight, stopping addictive behaviors, etc., you know what I mean.  Also most people are not familiar with how much like a programmed computer the subconscious operates, nor do they know how they can change their programming.

Your Superconscious

When I work with clients I make sure they are aware of another part of the mind – their Superconscious.  This is the spiritual intuitive part, the part that is connected to a higher intelligence. It is the part that brings us what we call as co-incidences, synchronicities. It is also the part that assists us in reprogramming our subconscious mental computer, once we believe this is possible and we learn what to do. It responds to our sincere desire for change -- some people express this desire in what we call prayer or meditation -- utilizing tools, techniques and processes that are created for that purpose.

Like a computerized robot, your subconscious continues to carry out its instructions (your programs are its instructions) -- both desired and undesired – until it is convinced that you want to change the instructions. Then, through the process of repetition and reinforcement, as explained in “Your Subconscious Mind and How to Reprogram Yourself” – you will be able to reprogram yourself.

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